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Photos (Merging Cells)

Page history last edited by Megan 15 years, 8 months ago

How do I take an image from photoshop (such as the banner I made) and insert it so it overlaps between two cells? It automatically puts itself in the center cell, but I want it to be in the corner, overlapping in the center cell.

Comments (2)

Melissa said

at 10:34 pm on Nov 13, 2008

I think you're talking about merging cells. To do this, select the row of the table that you want to merge. With the row selected, go to the "Modify" Menu, scroll down to "Table" and select "merge cells." Your multi-cell row should now be one long cell.

Kathleen Culver said

at 7:44 am on Nov 14, 2008

If this isn't what you were asking, you need to stop in the JRR to see me. I can't figure out exactly what you're trying to do but it should be a quick fix once I get it. I'm there from 9-3 Friday.

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