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My file won't open on Audacity

Page history last edited by rathburn 15 years, 8 months ago

I got my voice recording file into the computer, like the note posted in audio recording, but now it won't let me import it into Audacity or open it with Audacity. Why might this be?

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Kathleen Culver said

at 6:44 am on Nov 4, 2008

what is the extension on the file, e.g. .wav?

rathburn said

at 7:53 am on Nov 4, 2008

Its a .wav, shoud it not be?

Kathleen Culver said

at 9:49 am on Nov 4, 2008

follow these steps and let me know if it doesn't import:
1. launch audacity
2. project/import audio
3. choose the .wav file and hit "open"
4. play back to check audio
If it doesn't work, let me know exactly what's not happening, e.g. you can't select the file

rathburn said

at 10:00 am on Nov 4, 2008

I did this.
It let me click on the file and hit open but when it started to load into audacity a box came up that said "audacity could not read the file and try importing raw data." I imported it as raw data and it imports a bunch of static.

Kathleen Culver said

at 10:27 am on Nov 4, 2008

k, you might have a corrupted file. e-mail it to me and i'll check it out.

Emmalee Anderson said

at 10:31 pm on Nov 5, 2008

the exact same thing is happening to me now. did your file end up being corrupted? what did you do about it?

Kassie M said

at 3:01 pm on Mar 31, 2009

I used Garage Band on my Mac to record my interviews and when I go to import audio in Audacity it won't allow me to select the garage band files. Does anyone know what to do about that?

Kathleen Culver said

at 4:17 pm on Mar 31, 2009

In GB, choose share/export song to disk and export as an MP3. Then import into Audacity. (Note: please post questions to new pages, rather than posting as comments to other pages)

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