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links and plugins

Page history last edited by Ciera M 15 years, 5 months ago

How do I insert a link to a new page? I have a link button for my audio story for example. How do i create the page for the audio story and link it to the audio story link? 

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Kathleen Culver said

at 2:31 pm on Nov 13, 2008

- create the page for the audio plugin and save it, e.g. audiopage.html
- on the first page, highlight the text or button that link
- down in the properties palette in the link box, type audiopage.html (this presumes that both audiopage.html and the first page are in the same folder)
- save and test
if this is not clear, please follow the linking and plugin instructions at http://www.journalism.wisc.edu/j202/materials/tutorial_pkt.pdf

Kim Dorcas said

at 7:32 pm on Nov 13, 2008

How do I add my soundslides video to the web site? Since it's in the folder "publish to web" i can't get it to come in as a plug in.

Melissa said

at 11:01 pm on Nov 13, 2008

You have two options. You can link directly to the slideshow as a web page or insert it as a plugin.

1) To link to slideshow as webpage:
The 'publish_to_web' folder is just like any other sub-folder on your site. If you look in there, you should see an index.html, which is what you're trying to link to. Leave the publish_to_web folder as it is with all the content. On the page that you're trying to link from, highlight the text that will link and go down to the properties palette at the bottom of the page and in the link box search for your index.html in the publish_to_web folder. Once you select it, it should link. Also, you may want to open the slideshow in a new window because there's no navigation on that page. To do that, change the Target (under the link box) to "_blank."

2) To embed a plugin, you want to insert the flash file on your page. To do that, you need the file in the publish_to_web folder that ends with the extension .swf. This is a flash file. You can choose that file and insert as a plugin on your page.

Also, see Katy's comment for the link to the tutorial packet, if you need more detailed instructions on inserting a plugin.

nschultz2 said

at 2:46 pm on Dec 7, 2008

Is there any way to insert an audio plugin so it doesn't automatically begin playing when the page loads? I want to insert audio so the user has the ability to click play instead of having it autoplay.

Kathleen Culver said

at 2:53 pm on Dec 7, 2008

here are the instrux from the 202 tutorial packet:

some users do not like movies that play automatically
– to stop this, you need to turn off something called
“autoplay” – click on the plugin, click “parameters”
down in the properties palette
• in the first column, enter the word autoplay and in the
second column, enter the word false – click OK
• save
• test in browser

Mark Bennett said

at 9:12 pm on Mar 29, 2011

My soundslides program has nothing inside the publish to web folder. Did I do something wrong along the process of creating the show?

Kathleen Culver said

at 9:15 pm on Mar 29, 2011

Yep. In addition to hitting "save," you need to hit "export." Then it will populate to the publish to web folder.

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