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how do i convert a wma file to a wav file

Page history last edited by Ciera M 15 years, 8 months ago

I did my recording on my PC under sound recorder, which operates under windows media player. I downloaded audacity, and have everything together, except my interview doesnt convert over in audacity. I imported the files in, but all I hear is a loud screeching noise. I cant try and save it as something else either because the only options are WMA. idk ahhh! 

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Ciera M said

at 7:18 pm on Nov 5, 2008

please someone, i really need help. ive done everything but put the package together because i cant put my interviews in audacity.

Rachel Vallens said

at 8:26 pm on Nov 5, 2008

I found a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert wma files to mp3 files using a free program called Switch. The tutorial is posted here: http://www.askdavetaylor.com/convert_wma_from_windows_media_player_into_mp3_files.html and it looks pretty clear and easy to follow. Once you get the files converted to mp3, they should (hopefully) be fine in Audacity.

Brian Ekdale said

at 8:56 pm on Nov 5, 2008

Another option (which is admitted very roundabout) is...
1) Open the file in Quicktime.
2) Go File->Save as... and save is as somefilename.mov
3) It would be nice if that .MOV file worked, but in my experience it has not. So...
4) Take that file into iTunes and convert it using the explanation given by Katy and Melissa here http://202training.pbwiki.com/Audacity%20Central

Emmalee Anderson said

at 10:16 pm on Nov 5, 2008

Let me know if you found any way around this Ciera- I'm having the exact same problems you are with Audacity... so frusterating. And I can't open it in Quicktime or iTunes.

Ciera M said

at 12:09 am on Nov 6, 2008

thank you so much rachel! the switch thing totally worked. I was able to convert them over, and can now begin to put together my package. Emmalee definately try the switch program.

Ciera M said

at 12:10 am on Nov 6, 2008

i cant amplify volume though, my interview volume is so low...does anyone know how to make that work?

Kathleen Culver said

at 6:39 am on Nov 6, 2008

In Audacity, click on the selection tool (the thing that looks like a cursor)
Highlight a portion you want to amplify.
From menus at top, select effect/amplify.
Test sound quality using preview and adjust accordingly.

Anthony said

at 10:51 am on Nov 6, 2008

I am having trouble converting my files. My audio story is done, but I can't export it as an MP3 in Audacity. I tried downloading other programs, but none of them have been successful. Did anyone encounter this problem?

Kathleen Culver said

at 10:58 am on Nov 6, 2008

anthony, see this page: http://202training.pbwiki.com/Audacity%20Central#comment1225486696
(but note that the process for converting to MP3 in iTunes has changed. see melissa's note for the new way to do the preferences.)
also, see this post re a free program called switch http://202training.pbwiki.com/how%20do%20i%20convert%20a%20wma%20file%20to%20a%20wav%20file#comment1225934812

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