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exporting the audio as an MP3

Page history last edited by Jen Hunholz 15 years, 5 months ago

I just imported my audio story into Audacity and am trying to export it as an MP3 onto the server. When I try to export it, a box comes up saying "Audacity does not export MP3 files directly, but instead uses LAME, an MP3 exporting library available separately. See the documentation for my information." I'm in the JRR right now, and the person working here said there might be something wrong with the laptops? Or am I doing something wrong? Is it ok if we just export it at the beginning of lab?

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Megan said

at 8:06 pm on Nov 5, 2008

That happened to me when I was in the JRR as well, so I tried to do it on my own computer and the same thing happened. I ended up just downloading a trial version of a program called "switch". The program will convert your AIFF file into a mp3. So basically, I could not figure out how to solve the program but just went around it this way instead. Switch is really easy to use so you should not have any problems. Good Luck!


at 3:14 pm on Feb 25, 2009

There is nothing wrong with the laptop. LAME is a software that allows the conversion but we have to have it on the computers. It's free for your own computer -- just follow the directions to download. You only have to download it once and your computer should recognize it from then when you try to convert. The Reading Room labs are another story because only an administrator can download LAME. So if you get these messages on the Reading Room laptops, you cannot fix this. You have to export your file in Audacity as a .WAV, and then convert in SWITCH OR ITunes to an MP3. However as if February 2009, ALL of the laptops should have LAME on them.

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