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creating css stylesheets

Page history last edited by Phil Levin 13 years, 8 months ago

Hey I was just wondering how exactly you create your own css stylesheet. I read in the tutorial about it, but I'm still a little confused. It says not to make a subfolder, but instead save in the "root directory." What exactly does it mean by this? Thanks


Response: Here's a video demonstrating how to create a new external stylesheet and add a few basic styles to it:


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Melissa said

at 3:13 pm on Apr 6, 2009

the root directory is the main folder of your site. for individual stories, your root directory is your last name folder saved on the Web server. so in your case it will be the "oleson" folder in this file www.journalism.wisc.edu/restricted/j202/spring09/is/oleson.

creating your style sheet for IS: 1. when you click on the new style sheet icon, choose 'define in' new style sheet file. 2. after you do that, you'll get a save menu. save the css file with an easily identifiable name (perhaps: isstyles.css) in your root directory, which is yourlastname folder in the IS folder on the Web server. 3. any additional styles you create should be saved on that style sheet. think about the training in lab--we kept adding tag styles, class styles, and advanced styles to the style sheet we created.

Phil Levin said

at 6:53 pm on Apr 6, 2009


The video shows how to create a new CSS stylesheet that can be attached to multiple html files in the same directory and how to add a few basic style definitions to it.

Allison Sipple said

at 7:14 pm on Apr 14, 2009

I have my css saved in my root directory, and it works in dreamweaver, but when i test my page online, it doesn't format correctly with my css. any ideas of how to fix this?


Phil Levin said

at 7:38 pm on Apr 14, 2009

Make sure your CSS is linked with a relative link at the top of the code in your html file. I know this is sort of confusing, but the line linking to the stylesheet should look something like this:

<link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

not like this:

<link href="c:/documents and settings/bob/school/j202/iswebsite/files/styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

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