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Qualtrics Questions

Page history last edited by Julia Birkinbine 10 years ago



I've created my Qualtrics survey, but can't activate it. I've fixed all the accessibility problems, but it still won't active for the following reasons: 


Your survey is inactive for the following reasons:
  1. Quality Control
    The survey cannot be taken by recipients and allows you to review it before it can be taken.
  2. Ease of Building
    In "Edit Survey" you have access to quick and simple build modes that are not available with active surveys.
  3. Data Integrity
    Since no one can take an inactive survey you don't need to worry about invalidating your data. Once data has been collected you must be careful not to invalidate results when modifying the survey.
A survey should not be activated until you are ready to collect responses from recipients.


I've tried to edit everything and can't figure out how to fix these problems. Can someone please help!?

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David Wise said

at 8:16 am on Nov 27, 2012

You have to click the blue text above that message on that page that says "Activate your survey to collect responses"

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