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Adding SoundSlides to free WordPress com

Page history last edited by Kathleen Culver 11 years, 6 months ago

WordPress.com does not allow a specific html code called iframes because of security concerns (or at least they don't allow it at the time of this post).


This makes it a little more difficult to do things like embed videos or slideshows.


For purposes of your individual stories, we will just link to the slideshows on Dropbox.


To make this work, you must:

- save your SoundSlides file

- export your slideshow from SoundSlides

- take the publish_to_web folder SoundSlides created when you did that

- save it to your Dropbox in the Public folder

- right click on the file called index.html and copy the public link


Then, in WordPress, create a link as you would with any other text and insert the public link you just copied in dropbox.


You can get a little bit more sophisticated if you want to embed the slideshow within a WordPress page. This blog gives one example of how to do that: http://imageconversations.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/how-to-embed-soundslides-into-wordpress-com-blogs/


But do not think that is required. Simply linking to index.html is sufficient for J202.

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