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Missing pictures and menu bar

Page history last edited by McKenzie Badger 13 years, 2 months ago

There are a few related questions to this on the wiki, but I couldn't find any direct answers. When I make my website I got my background image and other images from google. Everything is fine on Dreamweaver and when I preview in Safari, but when I upload to server my pictures, background AND my menu bar don't show up. I am pretty sure it's because I don't have everything saved correctly in folders, but I'm not even sure how to do that. My brain is exploding. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Kathleen Culver said

at 4:25 pm on Mar 25, 2011

I believe you have exact links for the image and relatives and those are loaded as file links.
Open the file on the server
click on the pictures
look at img src in the properties palette
see if the path begins with file://
if it does, use the browse button to relink

Follow the same steps for relative links.

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