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Linking CSS to HTML files

Page history last edited by Emily Kesner 14 years, 2 months ago

I have my css file in my general folder on the server, but it isn't applied to any of my pages. I read this previous entry: http://202training.pbworks.com/creating%20css%20stylesheets#comment1239755895 and changed the coding on my index page accordingly, which worked, but now I have done it on the other pages and it isn't working.

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Emily Kesner said

at 9:07 pm on Apr 11, 2010

If anyone else is having this problem, try this:

The easiest way to do it is open each page, delete the CSS style sheet, then follow these steps:
-- click the link symbol ("Attach style sheet") under the CSS styles side menu
-- select "link" over "import"
-- navigate to is2/css/ffstyles.css
-- here's the important part -- it seems stupid, but it does fix the problem -- there's a drop-down menu on the screen where you find your file which has a default setting of "document." Click on this menu and select "document" over "site root." I know, it seems odd -- why should you have to select it when it is pre-selected? But if you don't, it won't come up right.
-- hit ok
-- preview to ensure the styles applied.

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